Hi! I’m Dr. George Georgiou, your naturopathic doctor and holistic expert in Larnaca, Cyprus

Dr. Georgiou, a renowned naturopath from Cyprus, is dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to optimal health and wellness. With a holistic approach to healing, he combines traditional wisdom with modern science to address the root causes of health issues and guide his patients towards vibrant well-being.

Dr. George John Georgiou,

Dr. Georgiou: The Naturopath in Cyprus Revolutionizing Holistic Healing

In the heart of Cyprus, a beacon of hope and healing shines brightly through the work of Dr. Georgiou, a renowned naturopathic doctor dedicated to transforming lives through holistic healthcare. With his extensive knowledge, innovative treatments, and compassionate approach, Dr. Georgiou has become a trusted figure in the field of natural medicine.

His approach addresses the root causes of health imbalances rather than merely treating symptoms. By considering the whole person and their environment, he empowers patients to take an active role in their healing journey.

Formal Training

Dr. Georgiou has also been a clinician most of his life and is the Director of the Da Vinci Holistic Health Centre in Larnaca, Cyprus which specializes in many aspects of Holistic Medicine such as naturopathy, herbal medicine, thermography,  iridology/sclerology, homeopathy, VEGA allergy testing, Bioresonance therapy, Live Blood Analysis, Rife technology, Pulsing Electromagnetic Field (PAPIMI), Hyperthermia, Oxygen therapies, MRT, HRV, ART, Orgone Accumulator, Psychotherapy and Naturopathic Sexology.

He has a Doctoral degree in Naturopathy, a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine and a Doctorate in Clinical Sexology, a Masters’s in Clinical Psychology, and a number of other Professional Diplomas in various diagnostic and healing modalities of Holistic Medicine.

The Da Vinci Holistic Health Centre specializes in the treatment of chronic diseases, heavy metal toxicity, and Candidiasis, along with many other health problems. His patients come from all corners of the globe and he treats all with a healthy respect and a real interest in helping each one optimize their health.

A Different Approach to Natural Treatments

The DA VINCI UNIVERSAL TREATMENT  PROTOCOLS  consist of a number of carefully chosen detoxification and treatment protocols that are greatly beneficial to chronically-ill patients and can facilitate a rapid recovery.

Once the causative factors have been identified using the IDEL Diagnostic Protocol, there are many natural treatments that can be used to help the body regain proper functioning and optimal health:

These treatments are many and are done in sequence, much like going around from treatment to treatment in a “circuit” – there are many detoxification modalities, as well as other healing modalities that the patient can complete in a morning or afternoon, usually taking between 3 – 4 hours in total.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about the Da Vinci Holistic Health Center? Checkout some FAQs below:

If you wish to book an appointment, simply phone +357 24 82 33 22.

If you have questions, write to [email protected]

If you are an international client, complete the PATIENT ASSESSMENT FORM and email it to us with your intention to visit us.

If you wish to talk to Dr. George for 30 minutes, book an online consultation.

Or use our Contact Us page.

During the initial 30-minute consultation with Dr. George, he will take a detailed history, so take whatever blood tests, medical reports and scan reports you have with you. After the history taking, he will be very specific regarding what plan of action is required for your particular case.

To facilitate the process, you can complete the PATIENT ASSESSMENT FORM before the meeting, and send it to him by email.

After the initial 30-minute consultation, Dr. George will specify what diagnostics and treatments would be required, and the time required for each.

To book an IDEL Diagnostic appointment, that takes a whole morning or approximately 5-hours, it is best that you complete the PATIENT ASSESSMENT FORM and send it by email with your intentions to visit the Center for the IDEL Diagnostics.

Dr. George will read it and reply directly to your email, giving specific instructions on scheduling and paying for the appointment.

If you are uncertain about which direction you should go in, then you can book a 30-minute Online Consultation to discuss your case in more detail,

Yes, you can book a 30-minute appointment online using either Skype or phone. As soon as the appointment is booked, you will receive instructions on how to connect, and a reminder of the appointment time and date.

We are located just outside Larnaca City, in the district called Aradippou. 

The nearest airport is Larnaca International Airport.

The full address is:

Panayia Aimatousa 300, Aradippou 7101, Larnaca, Cyprus

Tel: +357 24 82 33 22

Check out our Directions page.

You can find us on Google Maps under Da Vinci Natural Health Center, Aradippou, Larnaca

There are so many good hotels in the Larnaca area that it is best to search yourself and take your choice.

All hotels in Larnaca are within a 15-minute taxi ride of the Da Vinci Center.