Su Jok Therapy

Su Jok Therapy


Su Jok Therapy is a brilliant discovery by a Korean scientist called Prof. Park, Jae Woo, who after many years of careful observation and clinical experience developed a new system of therapy using only the hands and feet to effect the same results as body acupuncture. He found a complete correspondence system representing the whole body, on the hands and the feet. In Korean, Su means “Hand,” and Jok means “Feet.” The advantage of this system is its simplicity, safety and efficiency. It is easy to learn, and the speed of response is often dramatic. It employs no forbidden or dangerous points, and is therefore suitable for use by paramedics and laypersons for self-treatment.

In addition to serving their normal function as appendages of the four limbs, the hands and feet themselves represent a small mirror image of the human body as a whole. Hands and feet are endowed with a “remote control” function, which can be employed to cure diseases throughout the entire body.


There are many similarities of the hands and feet to the body, namely in the number of protruding parts, their direction, the number of joints and segments of the protruding parts, likeness of the thumb to the head and others. This similarity or “homo” characteristic is commonly found in nature and natural therapies, and is a powerful prerequisite for therapy. The thumb correlates with the head, the forefinger and little finger with the arms, the third and fourth fingers with the foot, and the palm corresponds to the trunk. There are innumerable controlling pressure points on our body.

By finding the “pressure-pain” points on the hand and foot that correspond to the pain in the body, it is possible to stimulate these points of correspondence using a variety of techniques to cure the pain or health problem in question. Since the hand is Yang and the foot is Yin, using hand and foot makes it possible to treat in harmony with Yin and Yang. We have four clinics on our bodies – 2 hands and 2 feet that can help to cure over 90% of our health problems, if we understand their topography and use it accordingly. This correspondence system opens new understandings and methods to care for human health in general as well as to prevent and cure specific diseases. Knowledge of the principles of this “remote control system” and their health implementation through hand and foot therapy provides an impressive vehicle for health care.


When the precise correspondence points are found and stimulated, there is almost always an immediate response of the patient within seconds to a few minutes. The relief of pain is incredibly fast, no matter what the aetiology may be. There is no other natural method of treatment known today that has such a dramatic and efficient effect on pain conditions.

The identified correspondence points can be stimulated in various ways: small micro-needles, natural seeds (good for children and infants), grains, natural stones, artificial stimulators such as metal and magnet stars of various shapes that have been specially designed for Su Jok treatments, rubber bands for hemorrhaging and ball bearings or Tsu balls. Moxa (heat treatment) can also be used for weakened patients, as well as light impulse devices, solar therapy using the sun’s rays or simple plant twigs or other parts of a plant. The therapist can also use metal rollers for more general stimulation of many points and Cayenne plasters to deal with coldness conditions. There are numerous combinations, which can be given to the patient to do as part of the home treatment programme.


There is a whole system of Su Jok Therapy that has been formulated, and can be used in emergency cases such as heart attacks, external and internal bleeding, and others. The hand is literally a complete hospital with many departments that are on standby to deal with any situation as it arises.

Knowing the exact correspondence points on the hands will enable any practitioner to quickly and effectively stimulate these points using a simple probe, which can be carried easily in your pocket. The beauty of Su Jok Therapy is that it can be practiced without any equipment or remedies anywhere, anytime with anyone. Indeed, in India where there are many Su Jok Therapists, each doctor can see and treat up to 300 patients per day with minimal cost! There are no limitations to the combinations of techniques that can be used effectively – the only restriction will be the creativity of the practitioner.

In emergencies Su Jok Therapy is very fast and effective, and where the therapist does not have a probe they can use keys, branches of trees, nails, stones – I have even used chop sticks and a pencil effectively. For example, with cardiac cases, a simple massage of the correspondence area of the heart will alleviate pain in minutes. After the initial massage, if there are blood vessel contractions, moxa can be used to effectively relax the blood vessels. With internal hemorrhage, the therapist can use a rubber band around the correspondence area, as well as stimulating this area using a probe.

When there are skin burns it is possible to find and stimulate the correspondent points until the pain decreases, as well as use black seeds to reduce heat, followed by green seeds to help repair the skin. In acute appendicitis, simply find the correspondence points and stimulate them. With kidney stones and colic the therapist can use moxa on the kidney correspondence area, as well as using red kidney beans (the more similar, the more powerful the therapy). Acute coughing can be stopped in minutes by stimulating the “coughing area” of the fingers.



Practitioner’s name: Dr. George J Georgiou

The Problem: Chronic haemorrhoids which needed surgical intervention

Patient: GJG

“My very first experience using Su Jok Therapy was when I was attending my very first Su Jok lecture a few years ago in Paphos, Cyprus. I knew nothing about Su Jok or the topography of the hand or foot. A friend who knew I was also a sexologist came up while the Prof. was talking and jokingly asked me if I wanted to know where the penis point was on the hand. He proceeded to take a needle and place it in between his 3nd and 4rd finger. He then offered me a needle and I also placed it in the position that I thought was the genitalia. Inadvertently, however, I placed the needle on the other side of the hand – the Yang side as opposed to the Yin side. This was the position of the anus, not the penis.

I left the needle in position for about 15 minutes. When I got home that night and sat on the W.C., something felt “different” during wiping. A few days passed and I noticed that the haemorrhoids were now gone – no more pain, no extrusions and no blood on wiping. I could not believe that one needle had actually repaired so much damage in such a short period of time, but it was true. Even now as I speak there is no sign of any more haemorrhoids! I have had other experiences with Su Juk Therapy when I healed my chronic stomach problems, again with only one treatment (by the Prof.) etc. This is why I have decided to embrace this truly powerful treatment modality and share it with other like-minded practitioners.”

Practitioner’s name: Mr. Na, Min Su

The Problem: – A toothache

Patient: 81 year-old lady

“This woman had continuous teeth problems that were age-related. She often took pain killers and received dental treatment. One night she was unable to sleep due to acute pain and did not want to take further pain killers. I found a pressure-pain point on the teeth corresponding area of her thumb and inserted a couple of Su Jok needles. The pain disappeared after 10 minutes and did not return again even after the following few days. I was astounded by the rapid results of the treatment. This made me more confident in treating simple diseases using Su Jok Therapy. I am going to commit myself and study even more thoroughly the principles of Su Jok Therapy.”

Practitioner’s name: Dr. Lee Joo Dong

The Problem: Neck injury

Patient: Mr. Pyo, a 54-year old

“When the patient was 27 years old, he hurt his neck during a parachute jumping exercise. Since this, he has stayed in hospital and has received numerous treatments from other doctors; none of which led to a full recovery. A chronic pain in the neck caused it to be stiff and tilted. I found a pressure-pain point on the neck corresponding area of the big toe and applied moxibustion twice using a small dose of moxa. As a result the neck became instantly softer and the pain disappeared, and he was able to straighten his neck. The patient and I were struck with astonishment that it was possible to obtain an instant and full recovery from the painwhich had bothered him for 25 years, simply by using a Su Jok correspondence point and applying moxibustion.”

Practitioner’s name: Dr. Ju Dong Lee, Korea

The Problem: Painful periods

Patient: Mrs. Park, 30-years old

“The woman came to see me with complaints of severe pains during her periods. On arrival, she had acute pain in the lower abdomen. I applied seeds to all points on the hands and feet that corresponded to the lower abdomen, and gradually the pains diminished. I have tried using Su Jok Seed Therapy with other similar cases with astounding success. My clinical experience suggests that quicker results can be obtained when the seeds are stimulated by frequent pressure every now and then.”

Practitioner’s name: Dr. Ki Seng An, Korea

The Problem: Pains in the knees and elbow joints

Patient: Mrs. Jong, 54-years old

“The patient said that her polyarthritis had been treated by every known method bu she got no better. As I remember it, her condition started to improve on the very first day after the seeds had been applied to the areas corresponding to the joints. Ten days afterwards, her condition improved to the point that she no longer had problems with movement.”

Practitioner’s name: Dr. S. yoffe, M.D., Belarus

The Problem: Lumbrosacral radiculitis

Patient: 53-year old female

“A 53-year old female had been under a hospital treatment for lumbosacral radiculitis for four preceding months. Despite continuous medication the pain persisted and extended to the leg. The pain became worse as she moved to lie or sit down or to get up from a seated position. I located several painful correspondence points of the standard correspondence system and placed magnetic stars onto them. For some three to five minutes I was pressing over these points as I went on talking to the patient. Five minutes later I asked her to rise up. She did, and felt no pain at all. She went on bending, sitting down and standing and could not believe that she had no pains and that she had seen a complete recovery in 5 minutes!

Practitioner’s name: Dr. I. Klevitskaya, M.D., Belarus

The Problem: Pains in umbilical area

The Patient: 10-year old boy

“A 10-year old boy had pains in the umbilical region and unpleasant sensations in the mouth. The mother thought he had food poisoning. Using a diagnostic stick I located sensitive correspondence points in the palm and massaged them clockwise. As I was doing this, the boy felt shivers in the painful region. After 15 seconds of massage of both palms the pain went away and never recurred again.”

Practitioner’s name: Dr. T. Timoschuk, M.D., Russia

The Problem: Burn on right palm area upon touching a hot iron

The Patient: 32-year old female

“A 32-year old female presented with a burn of the right palm on touching a hot iron. She had a pain, burning sensation, hyperemia and a 3 x 2 cm edema of the right hand skin. I treated her through the standard correspondence system and massaged the painful points with a diagnostic stick. Within a minute the pain went away while hyperemia and edema were subsiding under my eyes. After I placed metallic magnetic stars on the corresponding points and left them for 2 hours – all symptoms disappeared completely!”

Practitioner’s name: Isabel Corral Perez, Spain

The Problem: Renal stones

The Patient: 52-year old female

Patient B., a 52-year old female, presented with a diagnosis of renal stones, with a history of renal colic, related to the passing of stones. The patient was offered to undergo an operation. Before the operation she asked me to treat her by the method of Su Jok. Stimulation was provided in the points corresponding to the kidneys in the “insect” system. After some sessions of treatment she started passing sand in the urine. Treatment was given once a week for 3 months. As a result, stones in the kidneys considerably decreased in size, the pain subsided and there was no need to operate.

Dr. Georgiou is a qualified Su Jok Therapist after training with Prof. Park, Jae Woo, the inventor of this type of therapy and uses Su Jok Acupuncture to treat his patients. He is a member of the International Su Jok Therapy Association, in association with the Cyprus Su Jok Association based in Paphos. He is also a qualified naturopath and has a Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicine.

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