Geopathic Stress – How Earth Energies Affect Our Lives

Geopathic Stress – How Earth Energies Affect Our Lives

What is Geopathic Stress? It is the general term for energies emanating from the earth that can cause discomfort and ill health in human beings. If the exposure to Geopathic energies is short-lived, then in general the effects are insignificant, although some people will show symptoms of tiredness, inattention and headaches when sitting in a geopathically stressed area for even one or two hours.

Nowadays people may live in the same building for many years and their exposure to a particular form of negative energy could last a long time. Rolf Gordon, the founder of the Dulwich Health Society, UK, has remarked that gypsies rarely get cancer. Gordon believes that this is because they move from place to place and any exposure to a ‘bad’ place would be for only a couple of weeks at most. He also notes that when choosing a site gypsies will take into account the feel of a place.Geopathic energy is an insidious phenomenon: we cannot see it or adequately explain it in current scientific terms, but the effects of it are likely to prove at least as devastating as environmental pollution. Geopathic energies pass through walls, windows and closed doors – they do not recognize boundaries.

The earth has a natural magnetic field; it acts as though it has a large magnet at its center. The rotation of the earth creates electric currents in the molten metals found within the earth’s core, thereby producing a magnetic field. Geopathic stress occurs when the earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either naturally or artificially, and the background field we normally experience is changed.

Natural disturbances to the earth’s magnetic field include geological faults, underground ore masses and underground water, particularly running water. Earthquakes and running underground water can slowly erode rock and have a destabilizing effect. Gordon says: “Natural radiation which rise up through the earth are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, create mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The wavelength of the natural radiation disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms.” Man-made disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field include mining, foundations for tall buildings, underground transport systems and public utilities (sewage, water and so on).

People do not suddenly drop dead or become ill after standing, sitting or sleeping on a particular spot. The effect is gradual, involving a slow deterioration in health in those susceptible to such stresses. As a result, they often find it difficult to feel happy, energetic, emotionally stable and physically well.

People who live in houses above areas of geopathic stress often have disturbed sleep patterns: they may not be able to get to sleep or they wake frequently or suffer from strange dreams and wake up feeling tired and irritable. This can lead to ill health, a lack of tolerance for others and general feelings of depression. In these situations arguments with loved ones ensue and life becomes more and more difficult. Babies and children in such houses do not sleep well and this causes problems for both themselves and their parents. People in such houses often become ill, sometimes with very serious complaints. This is particularly true if the energy is focused around the bed, where we spend about a third of our time.

Geopathic stress can affect the fabric of a building. Pavements and walls can crack; plaster becomes damp and light bulbs blow for no apparent reason. The exasperated homeowner may spend time and money repairing the damp, take the advice of experts, but still see the problem return for no obvious reason. Attempts to decorate some rooms seem doomed to failure: they always seem gloomy and ‘not quite right’ no matter what is done. In spite of a new coat of paint and cheerful decorations no one wants to spend long in the room – and they cannot explain why.

Interestingly, there are some animals that are not affected adversely by geopathic stress. Indeed, cats, ants, wasps and beetles seem to thrive in geopathic stress. You will often see a cat sitting in the line of a negative energy – when this geopathic stress disappears the cats do too. Plants too have their idiosyncrasies – asparagus, mushrooms, oak trees and elderberry will usually respond with increased growth and vigour when there are negative energies.

The effects of geopathic stress undermine and weaken a person’s life force. This does not mean that geopathic stress causes illness; rather, by weakening the body it provides a fertile ground in which ill health can flourish.

It is believed that the majority of the damage caused by geopathic stress occurs at the level of the subtle bodies, particularly the etheric body, the charkas and the meridians, which can eventually lead to damage to the physical body. It is likely that as our understanding and ability to measure the energy of the subtle bodies increase, this will be shown to be the primary mechanism for the effect of geopathic energies.

Another explanation of how geopathic stress effects the body is that the geopathic energies interfere with the body’s own electrical activity. It has also been demonstrated to distort brain rhythms, interrupt the continual process of renovation and renewal of cells that our body’s undergo daily and interfere with our cells and tissues by resonating at the same frequency. The greatest damage occurs when the maximum resonance is achieved. This explains why not everyone living or working in the same environment will be affected by the geopathic problems of the site.

Although some people may be aware that a place does not feel right, most people would not suspect geopathic stress. Sometimes there may be only a general feeling of unease and dissatisfaction, but if there are more definite health problems, and especially if they do not respond to treatment, it is worth checking the site for geopathic stress problems.

If you find persistent damp in a house, particularly where this has been corrected, this can be an indication of the presence of geopathic energies. Many people’s pulse rate will increase significantly when they spend some time in a geopathic area and this can be a useful guide.

Observing the behaviour of animals – ants and bees, as well as cats flourish over energy lines that are detrimental to human beings. Sometimes a pet cat may choose an awkward, draughty place with evident relish. These preferences could be indications of the presence of certain earth energies.

Other methods of detection involve the use of Dowsing that was initially documented by 17th century French priests. Dowsers often use pendulums for dealing with individual health problems – the pendulum would swing one way for “yes” and another for “no.” If dowsers are walking around a building or the countryside looking at geopathic problems they will often use rods as they are not overly influenced by the movement of walking. Dr. Zaboj V Harvalik, a physicist and scientific advisor to the US Army’s Advanced Material Concepts Agency, discovered that the organ’s responsible for sensing these changes in the earth’s energies were the adrenal glands and the pineal gland. The stimulus (minute variations in the earth’s magnetic field) was then transmitted to the brain and back to the muscles of the arms.

Kinesiology or muscle testing is also another way of assessing geopathic stress in the person. In kinesiology a muscle response is used for assessment – under the pressure of the therapist, the muscle will either lock in position (a positive or ‘yes’ response) or gives way (a negative or ‘no’ response). I personally use the VEGA machine or electrodermal testing to determine whether the particular patient has geopathic stress, but all the abovementioned methods, or even the hightened sensitivity of some people is enough to detect accurately geopathic energies.

Correcting geopathic disturbances is not always difficult and complicated, although sometimes it can be. The first and simplest solution is to try moving the bed or desk to a different place. Sometimes people’s health and well-being improves dramatically from this one simple measure. It is not a good idea to place the bed or desk where a cat likes to sleep – a spot favoured by a dog is a much better place.

Geopathic energies can be handled in several different ways: they can be reflected or refracted, absorbed, blocked or transformed. Different types of energies need to be corrected in different ways. In one case, reflecting an energy may be appropriate, in another it may be appropriate to block it. It is vitally important, however, that whatever method is used, the undesirable energies are not reflected to affect someone else.

Crystals are probably used more frequently than anything else, but these do not have to be expensive Svarovski crystal. Crushed marble, which can be bought from some garden centers will do the job perfectly. It would seem that the crystal is changing the frequency of the geopathic energies to one that is more acceptable to the humans exposed to it. It has also been suggested that crystals ‘absorb’ geopathic energies. Often the crystals need to be placed in several different places. Regardless of what type is used, it is important to wash the crystals regularly to remove any accumulation of negative energy. The simplest way to do this is to place them in a bucket and run water over them for half an hour.

Coils can also be used and are usually come in pairs with a clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. They are made of 10 revolutions of thick copper wire, with a spike sticking out at 45 degrees. The length of the spike and the diameter of the coil need to be the same. A combination of coils and crystals is also acceptable.

Mirrors will reflect negative energy in the same way as they reflect light. As it is thought that the mirror reflects the negative ray back onto itself, thereby canceling out the charge, the size and exact placing of the mirrors are important. Aluminium foil can also be used to neutralize negative energies. This has to be positioned carefully, and the exact size needs to be established using kinesiology testing or dowsing.

There are many other methods that can be used to neutralize geopathic stress including metal plates, cosmic batteries, rods, colour, magnets, Apopi spheres, shapes, photographs, plants, symbols, ceromonies and rituals.

Geopathic energies challenge our current understanding of how bodies work and what effects them. Incorporating our knowledge of these phenomena into our understanding of illness requires much more holistic view of man: one which takes into account the role of Chi, the subtle bodies, the meridians, the charkas and yin and yang. This view of man sees the importance of harmony and balance, both within the body and between people and their environment.

How can I tell whether I am affected by geopathic stress? 
There are a number of personal health factors (apart from the environmental ones mentioned above) which may suggest the presence of geopathic stress in your home or office. These include: 1) you never wake up feeling refreshed or actually feel worse in the mornings 2) you have a feeling that there is something wrong with your home – it doesn’t feel right – you don’t look forward to going home – you feel better away from home 3) you may have a serious illness such as cancer, M.E., multiple sclerosis, etc or illness that doesn’t respond to treatment or you actually become not well after moving to your new home 4) the house has a history of cancer or other serious illnesses.

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