Lupus: Natural Treatment Protocols for Complete Recovery

Lupus is considered as an incurable autoimmune disease, but this is not the case. This book will help you to understand why you may have developed Lupus and how to begin offloading the underlying causative factors using Natural protocols that work.


Lupus: Natural Treatment Protocols for Complete Recovery 

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Lupus is often seen as an incurable disease by many doctors, but this book describes how to cure this disease forever using natural treatments. The book is very well researched and clearly explains the underlying causes of Lupus that need to be eliminated in order to achieve a total cure without medication. There are many underlying symptoms discussed such as chronic inflammation, food intolerance’s, dysbiosis, SIBO, Candida, parasites, lack of pancreatic enzymes and hypochlorhydria and more.

Read Lupus: Natural Treatment Protocols for Complete Recovery and discover…

• How hundreds of people like you have cured their Lupus naturally using the information in this book

• The ground-breaking research led by Dr Georgiou that led to the revolutionary Da Vinci Lupus Treatment Protocol

• How chronic inflammation is causing your Lupus and how to significantly reduce with a few simple steps

• How health problems like Candida, leaky gut, and SIBO could be underlying causes of your Lupus

• How you prescription medications could be contributing to your symptoms of Lupus

• How toxins in your food and environment are contributing to your Lupus and natural protocols on how to avoid them

• How to detoxify on many levels to radically reduce your Lupus naturally

• The unique 15-day Alkaline Detoxification Diet Plan that will transform your health

• The secrets to vibrant health and well-being with exclusive access to the unique protocols developed at the Da Vinci Health Center

• The extensive guide to supplements and holistic remedies that will transform your health

and much, much more…

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Da Vinci Lupus Treatment Protocol

Chapter 2 – The Holistic Model of Health

Chapter 3 – Toxicity: Underlying causes of all diseases

Chapter 4 – Detoxification: The Health Secrets of all Time

Chapter 5 – Food Intolerances, Inflammation and Disease

Chapter 6 – Candida: The Universal Cause of Many Diseases

Chapter 7 – Curing with Energy Medicine and Bioresonance

Chapter 8 – Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Roots of Diseases

“This excellent book identifies the causes behind Lupus and provides natural treatment protocols to reverse this disease successfully”

“If you want to cure your Lupus naturally and come off medications, then this is the book for you – tested at the Da Vinci Holistic Health Center in Cyprus by Dr Georgiou”

“This is a well-referenced and scientifically researched book that details the causes of Lupus and the natural treatment protocols used by Dr Georgiou to cure many such cases successfully”

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