There is a lot of data in magazine and newspaper articles of the time, as well as letters and telegrams that have been found after Dr Rife’s death. Here are a few examples for those that want to learn more about this fascinating man.


6/31   Movie New Eye of Microscope in War on Germs, Popular Science |1|2|3|
10/31 New found Cannibal Germs Hailed as Mighty Weapon, Popular Science |1|2|3|4|
1/54  Evolution Of The Microscope, The AEROHRCRAFTER |1|
2/32 Picture of Rife At His Microscope and Ray Tube, Popular Science |1|
12/31 Science Magazine Vol. 74 |1|
??/?? What has become of the Rife Microscope? |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|
1/39  Articles From the San Diego Club Life |1|



11/3/29 San Diego Union Newspaper, Local man bares wonders of germ life |1|     |Full Article |
11/21/31 Science Test New Magnifier, L.A. Times |1|
11/21/31 About Microscope, Pasadena Star-News |1|
11/22/31 L.A. Times, Science’s Latest Strides |1|
11/27/31 L.A. Times, S.D. Scientist Tells Of Experiments |1|
12/4/31 Super-Microscope Gives First View Of Filtered Bacteria |1|
12/4/31 The Helena Daily Independent Discoveries May Be Of High Avail In Disease Battle |1|
12/12/31 Science News Letter, Filterable Germ Forms Seen With New Super-Microscope |1|
1212/31 Newest Microscope will trail unknown |1|
8/24/33 Nevade State Journal, Reno Nevada New Universal Microscope |1|
4/10/34 Christian Science Monitor, Boston, Microscope Makes 31,000 Times As Big |1|
4/16/34 Unknown San Diego, Calif Newspaper, Self-Trained S.D. Scientist Builds Microscope |1|
5/6/38 Evening Tribune San Diego, Calif, Cancer Blown Seen |1|      |Full Article |
5/11/38 Evening Tribune San Diego, Calif, Rife Bares Startling New Conceptions Of Disease |1|
6/6/38 San Diego Union Newspaper, Honored at dinner |1|
9/23/38 Lemon Grove, California, Great interest is shown |1|
2/24/40 The San Diego Union Newspaper,  Mrs. Bridges death and  $50,000 Left To Rife |1|
2/20/04 Union and Tribune Newspaper article about Mrs. Bridges Death |1|
6/25/40 L.A. Times, Giant Microscope May Yeld Secrets Of Bacteria world |1|
10/3/44 Pasadena Star-News  Milbank Johnsons Death |1|
11/25/46 Rife and San Diego Police |1|
6/24/46 Rife and San Diego Police |1|
8/4/49 Unknow Newspaper, Man in San Diego May Solve Cancer Problem |1|
11/12/52 Science News Letter, Filtrable Germs Need Not Be So Small |1|
8/11/71 The Daily California El Cajon, Calif, Scientific Genius Dies |1|
8/12/71 San Diego & Evening Tribune Obituaries (Rife) |1|
9/23/?? Newspaper Article, Microscope Maginifies 31,000 Times |1|
Unknown About Rife and Sundial |1|
2/??/86 The Cure For Cancer Was Covered Up, The Planet,  Barry Lynes |1|
11/30/?? Science test new magnifier |1|
6/13/??   Newspaper Article about Rife conversion of sea brine to potability water |1|2|

There were also many letters and Telegrams that were exchanged between Dr. Rife and other researchers taking an interest in his research at the time.

There are also many exchanges between Dr. Rife, Crane and Dr Milbank. These papers, correspondence and notes of Royal Rife, Milbank Johnson, John Crane and associates have given us a wealth of insight into the history and mindsets of what occurred in the years of the original Rife Research Laboratory and subsequent related activities up until the early or mid-90s.

After the closing of the Rife Research Laboratory, Rife’s affiliation with John Crane produced an abundance of semi-organized documentation.

This particular notebook was entitled simply Rife Manual – Electron Therapy. Content was authored by both Rife and Crane as well as assembled from other sources. Many detailed specifics and interpretations are given often tying together the relationships of sound, color, acupuncture, herbal and other modalities to be used along with the frequency therapy.

Some refer to this content as his Polarity Research Manual.

After the closing of the Rife Research Laboratory, John Crane continued to pursue Rife’s work. Rife died in 1995. Crane had a working relationship with a group known as the Dallas Rife Research Group. Mark Simpson, one of the founders of this group, published material that tried to capture the thinking and research of this group. His 3rd version completed in 1991 was one of his most complete. It is alleged that Mark was murdered not too long after this self-publication was released.

One of the only reports actually written by Dr Rife can be downloaded here:

History of the Development of a Successful Treatment for Cancer and Other Virus, Bacteria and Fungi.”

It was found by a Rife researcher, Christopher Bird, in the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

There is another interesting interview between Dr Rife and the defence lawyer during the 1961 trial – there were 137 questions and answers on the research that Dr Rife and Crane had done.

John Crane worked closely with Royal Rife for a number of years and had a good insight of what he was doing.

This rare report was originally intended for distribution within the Rife Laboratory, only.

Although this report has not been dated, it was obviously written after the release of “The Cancer Cure That Worked” book by Barry Lynes which was first published in 1987.

As Crane died in 1995, this document must have been created between 1987 and 1995.