Diverticulosis: Natural Drugless Treatments That Work!

This book will clearly explain the underlying causes behind your Diverticulosis and takes you through a step-by-step process to eliminate this forever, keeping your diverticulosis from developing further into more serious inflammation.


Diverticulosis: Natural Drugless Treatments That Work! 

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Many people are told by their doctors that they must “live” with their Diverticulosis without guidance on how to cure it. Dr Georgiou has personally treated hundreds of cases of Diverticulosis successfully using the Da Vinci Natural Diverticulosis Protocol devised by himself. The underlying causative factors such as food intolerances, chronic inflammation, dysbiosis, SIBO, leaky-gut, digestive issues, Candida, parasites and more can be maintaining your Diverticulosis and this book explains in a simple-to-follow way how to eliminate these causes.


• How the Da Vinci Diverticulosis Natural Treatment protocol has helped many people heal themselves permanently
• Discover how your highly-processed Western diet is causing chronic constipation and destroying your health
• How toxins and heavy metals can accumulate in the body and inflame the gut
• How to access the complete Da Vinci detoxification process that will radically reduce your Diverticulosis naturally
• How food intolerances can be a major underlying cause for Diverticulosis and how to deal with them
• How Candida, SIBO, dysbiosis, parasites, lectins and leaky gut can also lead to diverticulosis
• How nutrient deficiencies, impaired digestion ad constipation can lead to diverticulosis
• How Psychological and Emotional factors can be an important factor in diverticulosis
• How to use natural methods including supplements, homeopathics, herbal remedies and bioresonance devices to heal your diverticulosis
• Discover the secrets to vibrant health and well-being with exclusive access to the unique protocols developed at the Da Vinci Health Centre

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Da Vinci Natural Diverticulosis Protocol

Chapter 2 – The Holistic Model of Health

Chapter 3 – Toxicity: Underlying causes of all diseases

Chapter 4 – Detoxification: The Health Secrets of all Time

Chapter 5 – Food Intolerances, Inflammation and Disease

Chapter 6 – Candida: The Universal Cause of Many Diseases

Chapter 7 – Curing with Energy Medicine and Bioresonance

Chapter 8 – Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Roots of Diseases

“Using this Natural Protocol, without medications, your Diverticulosis can now be permanently cured once and for all”

“This book clearly explains all the causes of Diverticulosis that your doctor is not telling you about – it also explains in simple terms how to treat using Natural means to achieve a permanent cure”

“Diverticulosis can now be a thing of the past if you follow the Da Vinci Natural Diverticulosis Treatment Protocol devised by Dr Georgiou – this book has amazing scientific research that will help you to achieve optimal health”

Diverticulosis: Natural Drugless Treatments : COVER PREVIEW

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